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To complement the services provided by other institutions the sum of which is the improvement of the quality of life of the people of our Country.

  1. To provide the highest level of financial services in a friendly and professional manner
  2. To encourage Credit facilities with emphasis on Commercial Loans and other financial services such as Savings & Investments, Share Brokerage, Property Management, Cambio Services, Pension Plan Trusteeship and Safe Deposit Boxes

Our Company

The strength of our company has allowed us to always be there for our clients and communities “ in good times and in bad times “ and this strength enables us to continually invest in building our businesses for the future.

At Hand-In-Hand Trust Inc. certain principles are fundamental to our success. They focus on how we strengthen, safeguard and grow our company over time. Adhering to each of these principles is how we will become the best and most respected financial Institution in Guyana.

We cannot promise specific outcomes or risk-free results. From time to time, we may fall short in our efforts and if that happens, we will renew our commitment to these principles and re-double our efforts.

What we can and will promise is to be truthful and give honest assessments of our businesses and prospects; act with integrity and honor; and do the right thing not necessarily the easy or expedient thing. We will work with fierce resolve to make this a company of which our customers, employees, shareholders and communities can be proud.

History Of Hand-In-Hand Trust

The history of Hand-In-Hand Trust Corporation Inc. spans over fifty years.

In May, 1971 the Guyana National Co-operative Bank (G.N.C.B) established a Trust Department to carry
out the various Trust Services which was incorporated as the GNCB Trust Company Limited on the 28th
December, 1971, a wholly owned subsidiary of the G.N.C.B., with its own Board of Directors.

On the 3rd February, 1977 the GNCB Trust Company Limited was reconstituted and established as the
GNCB Trust Corporation.

On the 6th January, 1999 the GNCB Trust Corporation was incorporated under the Companies Act of
Guyana into a public company limited by shares, by order #24/1998 and known as the GNCB Trust
Corporation Inc.

On the 20th November, 2002, the Hand-in-Hand Mutual Fire Insurance Company Limited acquired
ninety percent (90%) of the shares of the GNCB Trust Corporation Inc. and the Government of Guyana
retained the remaining ten percent (10%) through its holding company, National Industrial and
Commercial Investments Limited.

On the 14th March, 2003, the Hand-in-Hand Mutual Life Assurance Company Limited and the Guyana
Cooperative Insurance Services Inc. (G.C.I.S.) acquired three hundred and seventy-five thousand
(375,000) and two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) shares respectively from the Hand-in-Hand
Mutual Fire Insurance Company Limited.

On the 29th October, 2004, the Hand-in-Hand Trust Corporation Inc. was converted to a private company
in accordance with the Companies Act 89:01 (1991).

On the 26th February 2009, the authorized share capital was increased by 5,000,000 to 7,500,000 shares.

The share issue as at December 31st 2022 is:

1) Hand-in-Hand Mutual Fire Insurance Company Limited - 5,375,000
2) Hand-in-Hand Mutual Life Assurance Company Limited - 1,125,000
3) G.C.I.S. Incorporated - 750,000
4) National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited - 250,000


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